Contrarian Trading

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  • Contrarians go against the consensus because the consensus is 75% wrong. We time the buy and buy at MAJOR support areas.

    • Our algorithms do the work for us to find undervalued stocks with OK fundamentals at support levels

  • Buying at the bottom increases margin of safety  

    • Losses are small compared to buying the trend at the wrong time and a reversal occurs

  • Mean reversion will often occur with companies that have been OVERSOLD but has OK fundamentals

    • ​Bigger potential gains due to mean reversion, which is a phenomenon that occurs in the market where stock prices move back towards its fair value

  • 4. 75% success rate. Earlier, we mentioned the consensus is WRONG 75% of the time.

    • Going against the consensus at the RIGHT TIME gives us a 75% chance of being correct. 

    • With algorithms, we can achieve more than 80% success rates